Having once been a comedian and TV actor, Calvin Cyrus, aka MC Jumanji, quickly rose through the ranks of

Miami lyricists. His stageshows, freestyles and rap battles over the last 10 years have earned him a reputation as one

of the Top Ten underground hip hop acts in Miami according to the Miami New Times. 


Alongside Juan Basshead, label head of Basshead Music, and globally respected DJs such as Hatcha, Skream,

Benga, Nero, Plastician, Spooky, Joe Nice, N-Type, Zeds Dead, MRK1, Jakes and Lost, Jumanji has proven his

reputation credible. He's bleesed the stages of Space (Miami), The Fillmore (Miami), Revolution Live (Ft. Lauderdale),

Fabric (UK), on Get Darker (UK), on Sub.FM (UK), and on 106.8 Rinse.FM (UK) and racked up festival appearances

such as Ultra Music Festival (Miami, FL), Gritsy (Houston, TX), Heavy LA (Los Angeles, CA), Dubtroit (Orange County, CA)

and the Annual 9 Mile Music Festival aka The Bob Marley Music Festival (Miami, FL).


Wanting more from his passion in grime music, Jumanji set out to bring the UK Grime culture to America. Pushing

the "#AmericanGrime" movement, he hopes to educate and expand the musical tastes of the US market. He recently

debuted a follow up to his first EP "King of American Grime," with his newest addition "American Grime: The Takeover EP"

which included collaborations with Shiverz Da Butcher of Monsters, Molecule of Dub Factory Recordings, Argyle Bixby of

Eloquence Music and Benzmixer of Arcane Records. In addition to his EP releases, He has collaborations with Cotti of

SumTIng New, Web Three, Little Dee of the OGz, Korin Complex and Fill Spectre of Gourmet Beats Records. The American

Grime podcast is hosted and curated by Jumanji, as well. They can be found on itunes podcast stream or

on Mixcloud.com.